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Reiki Master, Mindset Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Energy Healer, Licensed Therapist,
Spiritual Intuitive Counselor

Amber The Karma Queen

Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing

Upon discussion about what is happening physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, Amber gathers information to provide a focus for the session. Using Reiki as the foundation of her healing practice, Amber places a light, therapeutic touch (or by distantly connecting to the client’s energetic essence) to infuse cells and activate the body’s natural ability to heal the mind, body, and soul. Both in-person and distant sessions are equally effective as Amber can connect with the client’s energy from anywhere. Using Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), intuitive guidance, guided imagery, and messages from guides and angels, Amber is able to connect and realign you with your higher self. During this process, Amber is able to release and clear any energy blockages that are disruptive to everyday life.

During each session, Amber combines multiple healing modalities and provides clients with hands-on tools they can use outside of the session to maintain the energy that is restored during each session. If time allows, Amber provides clients the option of drawing Angel cards to provide further insight about what is currently going on for the client.

Through energy healing, Amber is also able to cut energetic ties to people or situations that no longer serve the client’s highest healing good. As a natural intuitive, Amber can see where these energetic cords are attached and will call upon the appropriate Archangels to facilitate healing. By working with the Angelic realm and using visualization, Amber is able to remove the attachment of these cords from the client’s energetic essence.

Spiritual Counseling, Coaching & Intuitive Guidance

Regardless of where you are on your journey, Amber will partner with you to boost your confidence and enhance your mindset. Amber’s coaching method is action oriented and self-directed. Clients who book Spiritual Counseling, Coaching and Intuitive Guidance sessions can focus on a variety of different areas including (but not limited to) career, spirituality, relationships, finances, life path, love, or general life advice. Through intuitive guidance, Amber is able to provide clients with the information and tools they need to move past obstacles, blockages or setbacks they are currently facing. By identifying gifts, skills, strengths and challenges, Amber works with you to create a strategy that will help you reach your goals. These sessions typically occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on client need.


Distant Space Clearings

Amber can connect to a space such as a home, property or vehicle energetically from a distance to clear out any lower vibrational energies or entities that may be intruding. By connecting with the overall energy of the space, Amber is able to release energy or entities that do not belong and infuse the space with new energy for the highest healing good of the client and any others who share the space. By working with the Angelic realm, Amber will place angelic beams of light into the space for continued clearing and protection. The cost of in-person clearing sessions will depend on the assessment, size of space and may include travel fees.

Angelic, Psychic, and Mediumship Sessions

As a natural intuitive and medium I can contact loved ones who have passed. This provides a sense of closure and relief to those grieving, but also happiness and a sense of peace. Death of the physical body does not terminate the bonds we forge in life. Love transcends all dimensions; we need only look for it. I offer intuitive guidance sessions where I will connect with you and your spiritual guides to find out what you most need to know to support you on your life’s path. Prior to you entering my office I start connecting to you and your loved ones in spirit, as they begin to present to me, I begin to write messages and images from your loved ones who have passed. Angelic guidance and intuitive wisdom that pertains directly to you can be held in a standalone session or in combination with mediumship connections. It is my practice if time allows to close each session with angel cards. Angel Links Certified Practitioner and Facilitator

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