Amber D. McMahon – M.Ed. LMHC.

Reiki Master-Mindset Empowerment Coach-Spiritual Energy Healer-Licensed Therapist, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor

Karma Queen Reiki & Guidance

A catalyst for transformation, change and healing without any judgment. A feeling of calm, ease and fluidity. A path towards empowerment, strength and confidence.

Karma Queen Reiki & Guidance located in Arlington Massachusetts has had some amazing shifts and changes, while Reiki is still the foundation of my practice, I have discovered that combining multiple healing modalities is the most effective approach to holistic healing and wellness. This method enables me to work with the healing therapies that are appropriate for each client, allowing for a truly unique experience that is specific to the needs of each individual I work with.

By using all the tools, I have, I will support and guide you to be the best version of yourself that you can be on this plane. It is my theory and belief that the combination of Reiki, Guidance, and Angelic Energy is the key to a life-changing transformation for the mind, body and soul.

Many times, we encounter the same situations repeatedly and never break the pattern or change the behavior. The same piece of the puzzle keeps getting addressed repeatedly and a temporary solution is put on like a band aid and then gets ripped off without ever fully healing the wound. By combining my modalities, we will focus on the root cause of any emotional, mental, and physical ailments. My clients have found that by working with me they foster a lifelong commitment to transformation, self-mastery, eternal happiness and well-being.

The way to make an everlasting change is to be committed and consistent about your transformation and the process. It’s the combination of consistent healing sessions combined with guidance and hands on tools that creates a soul transformation.

My passion is to empower anyone on their journey towards transformation and change so that they are better able to navigate through life regardless of any obstacles in their way.

Amber is also a featured Practitioner at NH Metaphysical… Read more by clicking link

As a Reiki Master, Reiki Master Teacher, Mindset Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Energy Healer, and Licensed Therapist, I have a passion for empowering others so they can tackle obstacles in order to reach the goals that they have always wanted but struggled to achieve. The excitement and passion I have for empowering clients to be the best version of themselves will be noticed from our first engagement.

We all have times where we question what our purpose in life is and what path to take. We go back and forth on what decision to make and it can be highly frustrating! Trust me I have been there! It was only when I decided to change my mindset that I was able to begin manifesting and achieving my soul’s’ desires!

We are co-creators with the Universe of our lives, and sometimes it takes someone else’s words of wisdom, knowledge, support, and guidance to create a spark to ignite that light within. Once that light is ignited within you are driven forward with ease and grace in the right direction.

Are you ready to awaken the soul? Are you ready to become aligned mind, body, and spirit? Are you excited and ready to make change and transformation happen? Do you have questions that you need support and guidance to answer? Do you have that nagging problem or situation that you need to figure out the steps to take to solve it? Let me support and partner with you to guide you on your soul path.

I look forward to guiding and empowering you on your journey.


Join Amber on the first Thursday of every month via Zoom for IGNITE THE LIGHT WITHIN where we will start a new journey that will begin with a healthier, happier you! Through spiritual wisdom, guided meditation and mindfulness, we will journey to a place of calm, ease, and alignment; becoming connected to our mind, body, and spirit. Together we will focus on lighting up the fire inside that will allow you to conquer any goal you set your mind to and live the life you’ve always imagined.

Private Facebook group “The Divine Goddess Tribe” for Ignite the Light within group clients and Healing clients.



I cannot say enough positive things about the services Amber provides. If you’re looking for an alternative way to reduce stress and anxiety, maintain balance and feel better both physically and mentally, I highly recommend making an appointment. My first experience with Amber was in a group setting with my family where we had our first experience with the “Angel messages” she receives and delivers. This took place in November of 2015 and I have been seeing her on a monthly basis since May of 2016 for reiki with guidance. Since then my overall quality of life has increased significantly. Depression is a thing of the past for me and I experience minimal anxiety compared to what I used to. She has encouraged me to eliminate any negative, excess baggage that has been dragging me down for years which has had an extremely positive impact on my life. I leave every session feeling fully recharged and focused. None of the other experiences I have had with therapy have been this profound or helpful. So lucky I found her! L.B.

Reiki is life changing. I started seeing Amber for reiki about a year ago and it has made a tremendous difference for my mind, body, and soul. I have dealt with anxiety since I was little and working with Amber had calmed my mind, and body. I have gained more confidence and a sense of peacefulness through working with her. She is not only a reiki practitioner but also a life coach who can work with you to help you find the right path, set goals, and overcome fears. I highly recommend seeing Amber! – W.C.

I had a wonderful Reiki session with Amber. She explained the process to me and ensured that I was comfortable. It was amazing to feel the warmth from her hands as she was healing me. She is very intuitive and knew where I was feeling pain and focused her energy there. She was also connected with me emotionally and provided guidance on life situations. Highly recommend! – Sherry 2016

Ignite The Light Within

Let me support and partner with you on your journey.

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